Roza's War  

Diary of a Soviet Sniper

by Brenda Muller Ellis

**Coming summer 2024**

Roza's War is a work of historical fiction that recreates the combat journal of real-life female Soviet sniper Roza Shanina during her tour of duty on the Eastern Front of World War 2. Based on real events and real people, Roza's War bears witness to one soldier's struggles as she navigates her role in the war, life  in the Red Army and its sometimes barbaric treatment of women, the ghosts of her past, and her own inner demons.

"Extremely poignant...powerful..."

"As articulate a comment on the nature of war as anyone could want to make."

"So much thought and passion..."

© 2024, Brenda Muller Ellis

Image: Roza Shanina, November 1944